Like residential properties, commercial properties are also prone to foundation damages and in need of repair. The difference is usually in size and infrastructure, but most repairs can otherwise be done on an industrial scale, such as slab repairs and piling installation. Commercial repairs are advised for properties that often see large amounts of visitors, employees, or crowds, as a failing foundation can cause potential hazard or injury to those inside the property, along with those that house heavy machinery or dangerous tools.


While we do offer free inspections beforehand, we often suggest for commercial property owners to schedule a consultation so we’re able to grasp further how the building was built. This will enable us to understand where potential damage may lie and how it can be addressed. Through our thorough consultations, we dispatch several of our expert contractors to assess the area and determine the problem, working together to come up with a respective solution. Since commercial properties are generally bigger and have multiple purposes, consultations will allow us to take all of these factors into consideration when assessing the building’s foundation. Call today and one of our highly trained professionals will come out for a free inspection.

Foundation Assessments

During the consultation and assessment period, we bring a similar checklist to that of residential properties, but tailored for commercial spaces. We go through our detailed checklist, step by step, to check and review every part of the property that may be at risk for foundational damage. Our foundation assessments usually take place after the consultation and help us determine firsthand where the problem in your commercial foundation lies, and allows us to test the space to see if there’s underground damage that should be noted.

New Projects

While we’re accustomed to tackling foundation issues on existing commercial properties, we’re also open to taking on new projects. We work with clients and their ideas to develop commercial properties that are innovative and creative. If you’d like to enlist our services for a new project, we’d be interested to hear more about your potential plans. New projects allow for us to check the quality of the foundation and give a lasting warranty for its quality.

Foundation Repairs

If your property is indeed in need of some repairs, we’re actively able to assist in foundation repairs. These can range anywhere from piling repairs to slab repairs or trenching. The consultation and assessment process will allow us to grasp further which issues your commercial property faces and helps us develop a game plan for completing its repairs. While some foundational repairs are standard, others must also be customized to repair the particular foundation of each individual property. If we believe that your property could use an update that hasn’t been noted or may be in danger of needing a new on in the future, we’ll always remain open and transparent about our recommendations. Throughout the repair process, you can trust that we’ll advise you on what’s best for your commercial property to keep both the building and its visitors safe from injury.