​Free Inspection

As an added bonus to our loyal customers and Garland community, we’re proud to offer free foundation inspections at no expense. We do this to reassure clients of our committed and professional work that we’re able to provide if we find that there is indeed something wrong with the foundation of your home. Our free inspections can be scheduled at any time and are done with one of our professional contractors that’s able to give you all of the best details and advice customized to your particular case. The biggest perk of a free inspection is that it won’t cost you a single penny! There’s no reason not to try us out for a free, licensed and certified foundation inspection!


Upon arrival for the inspection, we always ensure to come prepared and with a checklist. This helps us keep track of all the things to look for when inspecting your foundation, from the sloping to the pilings used. Our checklist is thorough and we go through each point step by step to ensure that we’ve adequately checked every inch of your home’s foundation. Not only is this checklist for us, but we give you a copy to keep so you’re aware of the state of your home’s foundation, even after we leave.


The frequency of foundation inspections will vary but should be done every few years – at least – to maintain your peace of mind. If you happen to find that particular parts of your home have begun to slope, droop, or fall apart, it may be time for an inspection. The sooner you do it, the easier it’ll be to resolve and before it worsens. Common signs of failing home foundation can include crumbling infrastructure such as cracking brick walls, panels drooping, concrete cracking and much more.


Each of our contractors are licensed and certified by the state of Texas to carry out thorough and precise foundation inspections that are in line with health and safety codes. If you’re looking to hire contractors to provide an inspection for you, it is important to ensure that they are always licensed by the state they are practicing in to give an honest and unbiased inspection. Doing so will keep you safer and free from potential scams or code violations.


Upon completion of your inspection, we always try to offer estimates for potential repairs that we find or come across in the meantime. These can include new paneling, sloping, or something more intricate. We always like for our clients to be there to understand what parts of their foundation are failing and which parts are sustainable. This helps us point out what can be fixed and give approximate estimates that are fair and reasonable. If you decide you’d like to follow through on one of our suggested repairs after the inspection, we’ll gladly pass on our estimate and set you up to go through the process with one of our representatives for further steps.