Pier & Beam Repair

When you notice that your piers and beams around your home have begun to droop or sag, the problem could lie in your foundation. While tackling the foundation may resolve your overall issue, it won’t fix the already damaged piers and beams. We’re able to assist in doing so with our professional pier and beam repair services.


One of the largest causes to your damaged piers and beams is likely due to improper leverage below the surface. Whether the soil’s not been compacted appropriately, or the concrete in the slabs has been poured poorly, both are common causes that can increase hazard or injury in and around your home. Only professional contractors are able to determine the ultimate cause of your damaged piers and beams, so you should enlist their help immediately following discovery.

Infrastructure Cracks

One of the ultimate signs that your piers and beams may need replacing can be found in cracks that appear along your home’s exterior or interior walls. Infrastructure cracks are caused from pressure or collision somewhere along your home’s infrastructure due to a failing foundation setting and piers and beams falling out of place. Infrastructure cracks should be handled with caution and care, as they can continue to spread and break if not addressed by a professional quickly.

Pier Repair

Foundation piers are often created using a concrete mixture and arranged in vertical cylinders to support the beams of the foundation. Piers are placed into the ground with pressure to help keep the beams leveled and elevated, then being able to hold the base of your home. The installation of the piers is crucial to evenly distribute space and weight around to all sectors of the house. Without this, your home is likely to succumb to premature foundational slumps or collapsing. If the piers have been damaged or are not functioning properly, it is likely due to poor installation. Repairing a broken pier can be done but must match up accordingly and measured in thoroughly with the rest of the existing piers to ensure that weight and height is even amongst the piers and the home.

Beam Repair

Beams are often made from a wood material that is then laid onto the piers. These beams are designed to hold the house’s base evenly and leveled. If beam repairs become cracked or broken due to excessive damage, pressure, or weight, the new beams must be inserted once the home has been lifted. We’re able to offer such services, by lifting the home beforehand to assess the state of the piers and beams. Since many beams are made of wood, they can be susceptible to mold or moisture building, causing them to rot or deteriorate below the surface. Replacing beams can be done rather quickly and easily, but sealing agents are often recommended to keep the wood beams from falling victim to future buildup or damage. New beams are always measured to fit perfectly with the existing piers.