You may not realize it, but there’s more that’s keeping your home or commercial property in place than just the floor and walls. Foundations are crucial to the building integrity of your home or building and without a foundation that’s trustworthy, your property lacks integrity and security

Garland Foundation Repair

measures for all those who enter. Strong foundations are built using tactical techniques, trained skills, and professionalism. If you want more out of your foundation that you weren’t getting before, foundation repair experts can be your next go-to. With the help of professional foundation contractors, you don’t have to pick between a safe or sturdy property, you can have both!

About Us

At Garland Foundation Repairs, we’re recommended among neighbors in the Garland community for our fine work in foundation repairs. When you call us for foundation services, you’re getting more than a team of foundation repair specialists, you’re getting local experts that are determined to get your foundation back to its prime. We offer our foundation repair services at a low cost, so you never have to worry about the cost of fixing your foundation. There’s no better time than the present to have a functional foundation!

We strive to be the best and most trusted choice for your residential and commercial foundation repair services.
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Our Services

With our unique range of foundation repair services, we strive to provide our clients with the foundations that they can rely on for many years to come. Our foundation installations and repairs are designed with our clients’ safety in mind and we integrate quality assurance into all of the structures we build and projects we complete. You can count on our services to address the problems with your foundation that you may not even be aware of! We also provide our expertise on preventative maintenance for pier beam foundations, settling problems, house raising, and much more.

Concrete / Steel Pilings

Concrete and steel pilings are essentially designed to lock your foundation into the ground. With pressing firmness, the pilings are punctured into the ground to maintain balance and build structural pressure between the ground and your foundation. Without pilings, your foundation has the potential to sink, tilt, or droop over time.

Pier & Beam Repair

Pier and beam systems go hand-in-hand with one another to build support for your home. If these piers and beams become unleveled or over-stressed, it can cause your home to stoop, sag, or tilt, putting unnecessary pressure on the rest of the piers and beams for support. To avoid this, pier and beam repairs help readjust the weight of your home onto the platforms evenly.

“I often buy and flip houses and I came across one home that was promising but with a cracked foundation. Garland Foundation Repair was able to help me repair the cracked concrete below the surface and level out the home’s base again. Now it looks good as new! Thank you Garland Foundation Repair!” – Devon M.


Drainage Correction

Have your drains become useless or filtering slower than usual? If you notice the excess build up after a heavy storm that hasn’t passed through your drains or seems to pool around your foundation base, you’re probably in need of a drainage correction. Drainage corrections help realign your drains with the foundation of your home. If your home’s foundation was not planned or installed without the thought of drains, your drains have likely been unable to divert water away from the base of your home, which can cause frustration and even flooding. ​

Slab Repair

Opposed to concrete flatwork, concrete slabs are poured differently and in sectionals that can be placed strategically to form a sidewalk, patio, or driveway. Eventually, your slabs might need a repair or two if they’ve encountered natural wear and tear or have suffered damage from cracks and holes. Our slab repair services help localize any damages that your concrete surfaces have, as slabs can easily be repaired, and quicker than repairing an entire concrete flatwork surface.

“Garland Foundation Repair helped correct our drainage system after we added some rooms to our home. We couldn’t’ be happier with the results and they were super affordable and professional. Thanks, guys!” – Taylor G.



For commercial properties, strong foundations are crucial to keeping the number of employees and visitors safe. Without a strong foundation or one that could use repairs, many are in danger when inside the building due to most commercial buildings’ size. Since commercial foundations have to support multilevel buildings, our job becomes increasingly important to ensure that the foundations are secure and in place.

Free Inspection

Foundations can be tricky if you’re not a trained contractor that understands what the difference between a fantastic and a poor foundation is. To save yourself the trouble of attempting to figure it out on your own, we offer free inspections to our clients and their homes. During our inspection, we have a checklist of items we look out for and rate on a scale to determine their stability and longevity. In the inspection, we look at all of your piers and beams and blocks and bases (if any). If there’s concrete in your foundation, we’ll test its integrity and recommend repairs for any cracked slabs or cracked concrete.

“After some bad weather, I was really worried about the foundation of my home. I called Garland Foundation Repair to give me an inspection to see if there was anything to be worried about. They were able to find the problem and gave me an estimate – all for free! I’ll definitely be calling them when I’m ready to start the repairs!” – Jamie W.

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To get in contact with us further about how our foundation repairs can help you (and your home), you can reach us on the service number provided on our website. On this number, you can request appointments, book a consultation, or speak to one of our customer service representatives about your options for foundation repair. To request a free quote about your foundation repair, simply fill in the contact form listed on our webpage and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.