​Slab Repair

Concrete slabs are prone to damage eventually, and fortunately they can be replaced easily. If your existing foundation is comprised of concrete slabs that have begun to crack or crumble, repairing the damages is often cheaper than replacing them altogether. While you may not notice if a slab needs replacing straight away, it will start to show if parts of your home’s foundation begin to sink or become uneven.


Concrete cracking can occur for a number of reasons ranging from excessive heat retention to heavy weights on the slabs. Concrete cracks are readily sealed with reinforcement agents that help to close and fill the crack while also adding more strength to the fixture. While most concrete cracks start small, if left untreated, they can continue to expand into larger cracks that may be irreparable in the future. If you’re aware of a crack in your concrete slabs or your contractors comes across some during inspection, it’s best to have them repaired immediately to avoid further damage. When you enlist us to repair your concrete slabs, we also look at what’s causing the slabs to crack and where the pressure points of your foundation are. If this can be readjusted or alleviated, we do our best to find an alternative so that future concrete cracks aren’t inevitable on your repaired concrete.


Similar to cracking, concrete is also susceptible to crumbling when punctured with excessive pressure or weight that’s not been evenly distributed, or the slab has been poured improperly. In order to repair crumbled concrete, we must begin by removing the smaller bits of concrete that have crumbled off and essentially mold a new piece to fit the missing edges. Repairing crumbled concrete as part of a foundation, can be tedious but is easier and cheaper than replacing the slabs altogether.

Patch Repair

One of the biggest benefits of working with concrete slabs is the ability to work with them individually rather than the whole piece of concrete. Each damaged slab can easily be removed and repaired without having to treat or repair the entire layer of concrete. Since slabs are laid like tiles, we’re able to extract and repair the ones we need with ease. Although concrete slabs are thicker than traditional concrete, using the right tools and techniques can be beneficial to patch repairing sections of the concrete foundation.

Sealing Agents

One of the most important tools used in repairing concrete slabs is our sealing agents. They’re top of the market and of the finest quality, designed to seal and protect damaged concrete from further imperfections. Our sealing agents work like industrial glues to fill the cracks in concrete that keep it together as one. Once our sealing agents have dried, we apply a layer of protection sealers to the top of the concrete to help it combat weathering damage and keep it water-resistant. This sealing agent penetrates the pores of the concrete, making it more durable and resistant to future damage.